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Oh boy this should be fun~

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. The answers must be written in your OC's point of view.
3. Your OC cannot lie
4. Journal's tittle should be OC Interview
5. Tag as many people as you want.
6. Have fun!

1. What is your real name and nickname?

My full name's Hoyo Ikigomi! But most people just call me Hoyo-chan or Ho-chan~

2. Interesting, what is your current age?

I'm 15!

3. What is your favorite food?

OH I love lots of foods! I like pineapple, gyudon, crepes, chocolate, taiyaki, pancakes, tonkatsu, ... (-goes on for hours-) ...yakitori, hamburger and konpeito yeah, I just really like a lot of stuff haha!

4. And your favorite drink?

I really, really love bubble tea! Especially the mango, peach or lychee flavoured ones!! The little bubble thingies are super fun!

5. Confession time, Who is your lover?


6. Have you kissed anyone yet?

Sure, I kissed lotsa people! If they're comfortable with it of course! I give my parents a lotta smooches and Shira gets one or two if I catch him in a good mood and all my friends!
Ohhh.. you mean in a romantic sense...? Erm, then I guess not?

7. Do you have a childhood sweetheart?


8. Who is your favorite author?

I don't really pay attention to who wrote the stuff when I read something. I just wanna read the story!

9. What is your biggest fear?

Being alone I guess? Not like alone in my room though. I mean alone alone, you know? Being completely isolated from all people...
with no way to contact anyone, ever...
Not with my phone or in any other way...

That's... a very scary thought...
Can we- Can we change the topic...?

10. Any siblings?

Nope~ My parents already had a handful with me! I think they were scared of having another baby like me haha! I was really a horror kid!

11. Who is your worst enemy?

Villains, duh?
And 3D movies, where you need the special glasses... I can't really watch them with my floaty eyes, ya know? Always gives me a headache...

12. Huh, okay. Who is your best friend?


13. What would you do if you meet your creator?

OH THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!! I'd.. uh.. maybe thank them for creating me (and my parents)? And maybe ask them if I'm going to become a good hero! They know the future right?
And then we could play some video games together! I wonder how good they are!

14. What do you want to be when you're grown up?

A HERO! A hero who helps lots of people!

15. What is your worst nightmare?

Hey uh, can we skip this question? I don't wanna talk about that again...

16. What is your life long dream?

I uh... wanna be a good and beloved hero? Didn't I answer something like this just a few minutes ago?

17. What would you do if your dream came true?

I'd be very happy, of course! I'd help a lot of people and Mom and Dad would be super proud and I could make people happy and feel safe just by being there... It'd be amazing really!

18. Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

My bed! It's very comfortable!

19. Last question, what do you do most of the time?

When I'm not at school I either hang out with friends or play video games at home. I rule at Super Smash Bros, I bet you can't beat me!

20. Done! Now tag (awe)some people!

1) Arriceon with Sakura

2) SirPsiodyne with Hideyoshi

3) dori76 with Kaguya

4) LadyZiodyne with Kasumi

I couldn't think of any more sorry!
I need to collect some points so I can buy a new Core membership when it runs out in July so I'm opening 3 slots for Chibi commissions!

1. libertylibra 
2. you-may-call-me-meme 
3. hannamii 
4. WitoruniPon 

880 :points: for fully shaded+coloured Chibi with transparent background
+480 :points: for each additional character

1350 :points: for fully shaded+coloured Chibi with simple pattern/nature background
+750 :points: for each additional character

Styles available:


[PKMN OC] Sunset Rose by Amadere [BnHA OC] Ochitsuki Sawaru by Amadere


[Invertshipping] Greetings from Alola by Amadere [BnHA OC] The third year's goddess and angel by Amadere


[BnHA OC] A Pearl by Amadere  [BnHA OC] Plus Ultra!!! by Amadere

Send me a note with this form filled out:

Character reference(s):
(Note: need to be full body+coloured)
Chibi Style:
Background Choice:


Important: If you want to commission pairings please look into the "I don't draw" section of my commission journal -> Commissions [Closed] [Points/Paypal] <-
Tagged by GazeRei~ Sorry this took so long Dx

1) What is your favorite place to visit when you need inspiration/time off from the world?
I don't usually... go anywhere to get inspiration. At least if we're talking about like physical places and not websites or sth. I'm mostly in my room or at uni haha

2) Name something you used to love as a kid, but now you dislike it?
Maybe trivial but as a kid I used to eat microwaved rice a lot. I used to love it but now I can't stand it anymore. Especially that mediterranean kind my brother still makes. It smells SO bad urgh!!

3) Do you know when you were born? As in what time? If not, ask your parents! (I'm really curious, I was born at 10:25 am ;v;/ )
I don't know the exact time but I was born very early in the morning. I know this because my parents actually wanted to give me a different name based on the time I was born. Before midnight was going to be Amelie and after midnight was going to be Tabea but when I was born they decided I looked more like an Amelie even if it was after midnight.

4) Do you have a lucky number? If yes, what it is? Any story behind it?
Not really :0

5) Have you ever experienced anything "supernatural"? If yes, what was it?
Uhhh... don't think so. And depending on what type of supernatural we're talking about I don't know if I want to lol

6) What do you dislike to draw the most?
*hisses* Backgroundsssssss!!!! I hate drawing backgrounds, especially furniture and such. They always end up so damn wonky

7)  Any movie that had a great impact on your life/your views towards the world?
Ummm.. no, I think not... At least I can't think of one right now...

8) If you could bring one anime/cartoon/movie character into life, who would it be and why?
Oh geez that's a tough question! My favs are mostly... not nice people. But maybe... Uraraka Ochako from BnHA? Firstly she's super sweet and secondly she can make you float! I always wanted to float! Wonder what it would feel like?

9) Are you happy with your life now? Do you think you're heading in the right direction?
Meh? Kinda? I mean I'm feeling like I'm not going to be able to get my Bachelors degree but that's just my usual "oh god I can't do this" phase at the beginning of a semester.

10) Do you know your bloodtype? Are u a rare pepe? xD (I'm AB+ if I'm right. I'm sure about being AB - GIMME YOUR BLOOD--)
Sadly no... but I'd love to find out!

10 + 1) Anything you wanted to tell/ask me, but you never did? ((I'm just curious and wanna interact with you all TvT ))
Ur always really nice and can handle even drama so well. Teach me ur ways senpai!!!
Also ur art skills and ur ability to leave such nice, encouraging comments on ppl's art. I always struggle with words so much. Tell me ur secrets ;o;

I don't rly have the energy to think of 10 new questions and tag ppl so sadly I'm not gonna do that...
Gosh I did this so late ; o ; Sorry I was busy playing BotW all day and night

I got tagged by WearyWere 

My name's Amelie but I prefer Ame, Amam or Melchen!

Star Sign: 

Average hours of sleep: 
6 or 7 hours on a good day

Lucky numbers: 

Last thing I Googled: 
"Acnalagon the Black"

When I made this account and why: 
A little more than 5 years ago. I don't remember exactly why but I guess I wanted to share my stuff with the internet

Amount of watchers: 

What I post: 
Anime and Pokémon lol. I think that's the best way to describe my gallery. I'd say about 62% OCs, 33% Pokémon and 5% other fanart.

Blog posts: 
I've got 2 tumblr blogs: saccharinerose (personal blog) and dragon-princess-rosika (Pokémon blog) and a twitter account @KleinesMelchen

Do I get a lot of comments:
Decently, I guess. Most pictures have between 10-30 comments (including my replies)

Why I chose this username: 
I wanted to combine "-dere" wich is commonly used when describing personality tropes in anime/manga (tsundere, yandere, kuudere etc) with a part of my name. In the end I chose "Ama" which is part of my nickname Amam. Gosh that sound rly weeb-y if you think about it...

I don't feel like tagging anyone tho :/
Tagged by Quarbie


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. (If you can't think of 8, I'm not holding it against you)
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. lol no


1. She is allergic to Eevee fur. She doesn't know if she is also allergic to the fur of the Eeveelutions too but she isn't exactly excited to try it out. So she tries to stay away from any Eevee and any of its evolutions.
2. She has posters of Lance and Clair in room that she just can't bring herself to take off her walls even if she thinks they're kind of embarrassing
3. As a kid she often proclaimed that she wanted to become a "Dragon Princess". It was essentially the same as a Dragon Master but kid Rosie thought Dragon Princess sounded prettier. Iris and her parents sometimes call her dragon princess jokingly
4. In the future she will work as a teacher in Opelucid Academy's course for Dragon types. When Bertha of the E4 of Sinnoh passes away she decides to quit her job to become the new member of the Elite 4 and to spend more time with Paul (who is the Sinnoh champion) and her children.
5. It took her really long to realize that the Ash that Paul and Iris know is the same Ash.
6. She likes riding on her Arcanine when she is too tired to walk
7. Rosie is pretty sporty person who often played tennis and went ice skating when younger. Now as a travelling trainer she hardly has time for it but she will start doing it more often again when she stops travelling.
8. She has never encountered a shiny Pokémon in her travels so far. She only heard of them and saw photos.

No tags this time~
Got tagged by StupidEskimo!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character).

I'm gonna do Hoyo for this one because choosing Rosie would be too obvious lol!

1) Hoyo has a collection of ~20 high-top sneakers all in different colour palettes, varying from pastel to neon to monochrome.
2) During the first weeks at Yuuei she doesn't know she can wear her own shoes instead of the ones that come with the uniform. Upon meeting Midoriya and seeing his red shoes she realizes. Now she wears a different pair each day and proudly shows them off in class.
3) Her room in the dorms is decorated with lots of lamp strings and lava lamps, both very colourful. She loves how they look even if other may find it gaudy.
4) She plays a lot of video games, like a lot. Especially Kirby games, she loves Kirby so much
5) Usually when playing a game she will lay on her bed in a comfortable position and have her hands and eyes by the console (if it's not a hand-held).
6) Her favourite Pokémon is Haunter because it also has hands seperate from its body. If she can have one in a Pokémon game it will be on her team and she never evolves is to Gengar.
7) Hoyo is incredibly oblivious to anything romantic. She could misunderstand even an explicit love confession on a good day. Believe her, she can do it.
8) Hoyo virtually never gets angry. She might get less happy and in rare instances even sad, but angry? Her friends aren't even sure if her brain is even capable of producing the necessary chemicals to feel anger.

I tag:
:iconarriceon: - Sakura Sumi
:icongazerei: - Rei Shiroyama
:iconsirpsiodyne: - Ritsu Fang
:icondidimoons: - Lily/Ayame

I can't think of any more sorry ; u ; Again you don't have to do this if you don't want to
And even if I didn't tag you feel free to do it~
Tagged by Arriceon~ ^v^

1 . You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people/victims.
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do the journal entry.

1. What's one art goal that you are trying to achieve this year?

I definitely want to get better with backgrounds and composition!

2. How did you first get into anime and/or manga?

The way most people did, I guess: I saw some on TV. Pokémon, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto come to my mind as the first anime I watched. As for manga, my sis bought some +Anima volumes and I read them veeery often.

3. (If you ever played Pokemon), which was your favorite starter?
I love Mudkip and Chikorita. Mudkip bc Ruby was the first Pokémon version that I owned "myself" (I had to share the Blue and Gold version we had with my siblings) and Chikorita solely bc it's super adorable!

4. What is your favorite type of drink?

I really like Ginger Ale! So... soft drinks I guess?

5. Where do you see yourself the next five years? Do you think you will still be on dA?
I hope I'll still be here on dA! I made so many awesome friends here. I hope in 5 years I'll be a bit more outgoing, commenting on other ppl's stuff more often etc.

6. Which of your OCs/FCs is your absolutely favorite? (you can only pick one)
In a completely unforeseen turn of events my favourite character of mine is Rosika. I know, I know, a real suprise. I bet none of you ever saw that coming ;P

7. Your favorite childhood memory, or a memory that always makes you laugh?
There's one memory that, to this day, still makes me laugh: So one day my school class went... somewhere? by train. I don't remember where to. So, while waiting on the platform for the train home, one of the "cool guys" of the class thought it would be fun to try and scare me by sneaking up to me from behind and screaming really loud in my face when I turned around. And he did...
And I didn't react... at all... I literally just stood there, the same blank, bored expression I always had... I didn't emote at all, didn't even flinch or open my eyes wide in shock. I will never not be satisfied with how disappointed the guy was.

8. If you could have one mythological creature as a pet, what would it be?
My mind immidiately went "DRAGON!" but then I thought about how big it would get, how much it would eat and the fire... all the fire. But then again I can't think of anything else so dragon it is!

9. Is there another language you want to learn?
As weeb-y as it sounds I would absolutely love to learn Japanese...

10. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal/toy?
Yup! And on Christmas I even got another addition to my collection! (It's a Pikachu in a Delibird costume, straight from the Pokécenter shop in Japan. Thanks, sis!). It sleeps right next to my pillow~

11. Would you rather live in space or under the ocean?

That's a tough one. Both are really neat places to live. There's some pretty things to be seen. In the ocean there's coral reefs and lots of fish and of course the ocean itself. In space there's nebulae, other planets and supernovae that all look pretty neat too... But the ocean has all sorts of little critters whereas space has none... Plus I assume the internet connection in space is better than under the ocean. I guess I'll go with space!

12. Recommend one of your favorite songs!
I have so many favourite songs so I'll just tell you guys to check out "FAUN". It's a german band that does medieval music and I've been listening to them for the past 2 days!
Here's one song called "Federkleid"

My questions:
1) Have you ever broken one of your bones? If yes how and which one?
2) What is a colour that you would never wear?
3) Do you have pets? If yes talk about them, if not say what kind of pet you'd like to have!
4) If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, which words would you choose?
5) Have you ever met up with someone from the internet in real life?
6) Do you find it easy to comment on other people's deviations? If yes tell me your secrets!
7) What do you do when you find yourself in an artblock?
8) What's your favourite Ghibli movie (if you have one)?
9) Do you have any fictional character that you really identify with?
10) What do you prefer: Watching anime or reading manga?
11) What is an artstyle that you really like (from a cartoon/comic/anime/manga)?
12) What was one of your best experiences here on dA?

I tag:
and that's it I can't think of any more! If you don't feel like doing it you don't have to~
So a few weeks ago I got quite a number of questions about my BnHA OCs on tumblr, so I thought I'd share them here as well~

Question: What do Shiragiku and Shinju enjoy doing in their spare time? And, what are their families like?

Shiragiku has a room full of flowers and plants that he looks after (each one has a name). He also enjoys Ikebana and reading.

Shiragiku’s family conists of 4 people in total: His father Shion, his mother Airi, his older sister Hinagiku and himself.
His father is a gardener and Shiragiku always goes to him for advice, wether that be general advice or for flower caring. Shion loves both his children and his wife a lot but Hina and Shira often find him a bit overbearing.
His mother is a doctor and usually very busy but when she has some free time she wants to spend it with her family. She is generally easy-going with her family but can become a bit of a mother hen if one of them is sick.
Hinagiku works as a trainer/instructor in a fitness center. She wanted to become a hero but couldn’t because of health issues. Shiragiku wants to be the hero that Hina could have been. She has a very lively personality.

Shinju likes to go swimming and play the violin. She also enjoys going to the beach to collect sea shells.

Shinju has no siblings, only her mother Manami. Her father Katashi is a villain who wanted to get closer to the Abe family to gain access to the high-security villain prison the family maintains.
Shinju admires her mother a lot for living through the devastating relationship she had.and always tried to appeal to her. Manami sees Shinju as the only good thing that came out of her and Katashi’s relationship but has the slight, underlying fear that Shinju will become like Katashi.
Her father knows she exists but hasn’t seen her since she was an infant because he is in prison. Shinju despises her father with all her being and never wants to see him.


Question: By "maintains", what do you mean? Does the Abe family own a private prison? Are they rich or well-connected?

The Abe family is very rich and funded the construction of the prison. Shinju’s great-great-grandfather was a very avid hero supporter and felt the need to do his part in protecting society as he himself was Quirkless. So he made plans to build a high-security villain prison. To this day a member of the Abe family possesses the position of the prison director/warden. Currently its Shinju’s grandfather.

Other members of the family are also very likely to work there


Question: What are Shinju, Furo and Shiragiku like when interacting with others? More/less reserved, doting, wary, etc.?

Shinju is reserved and very polite and often doesn’t approach people. She will usually stay formal unless she gets to know someone better. When she knows someone better she is a lot more easy-going and occasionally makes jokes but is never outright goofy.

Furo likes to appear as an authoritative, stoic person to strangers but as soon as people know her just a little bit she drops the act. She is a lot less reserved than Shinju and actually approaches people to start a conversation sometimes.

Shiragiku usually keeps people at a distance. He has some inner issues to work out which he hides under a nice facade and he’s afraid if others find out about that they’ll consider him two-faced or a liar. To get close to him, the other person has to try because he will likely not make an effort


Question: What motivated Shinju and Furo to become heroes? Do either of them have any misgivings about it?

Both Shinju’s and Fuuro’s motivations to become heroes originate (at least partially) from their mothers.

Fuuro wants to be a hero because her mother is also a hero. She admires her mother to an insane degree. She even modelled her hero outfit and hero name/alias after hers. Fuuro has absolutely no misgivings about becoming a hero. Even if she were to realize the extreme level of admiration she has for her mother and stop putting her on such a high pedestal, Fuuro’s lawfulness alone would be enough to keep her in the hero business for as long as she can manage.

Shinju wants to be a hero because she wants to distance herself from her father as far as possible and to appeal to her mother. What better way to signal to her mother that she will never become a villain like her father than becoming a hero? But she is also motivated by her own contempt for her father and her desire to stop all villains before anything like what happened with her mother can happen again.
She doesn’t mind being a hero but if she had grown up with different circumstances she probably wouldn’t have become one


Question: What kind of stuff do Marui, Hokori and Sawaru enjoy doing to wind down? Is there anything they're insecure about?

To wind down Hokori takes a nap or relaxes on the couch watching a movie.
Marui spends a lot of time on the internet, watching whatever is the BnHAverse equivalent of Youtube and Vine.
Sawaru very rarely “winds down”. That boy just needs something to do 24/7. So when there’s really nothing to do he goes out on a jog with his dog Peanut (A Tibetan Mastiff)

Sawaru is pretty confident in everything he can do and even if there’s something he’s not good at he just accepts and doesn’t bother with it any longer.
Hokori is just a big pack of optimism so she’s rarely insecure about anything either.
Marui would most likely be the one to be insecure. Her motivation to become a hero is pretty flimsy and she isn’t the best on an academic level so she is worried that she’s not cut out to be a hero. (But then she remembers that Hokori only wanted to become a hero bc her friend Shinju wanted to become one and she feels a little bit better about her own reasons)


Question: Which of your OCs would you consider the most insecure? And what about the most rebellious?

Shiragiku and Toge are probably the most insecure but Toge deals with her insecurities much better than Shiragiku does.
Sawaru is the most rebellious. That’s not to say that he’s very rebellious, but most of my OCs are just so absolutely not that I’d consider him the most rebellious


Question: What age are the Shiketsu kids? Also, has Fukasu ever lost her prized hat due to shapelessness shenanigans?

Fukasu is about 17/18 and Sawaru and Toge are 16/17. The reason Fukasu is a year older is bc she messed up the Yuuei Entrance Exam but forgot to apply to any other hero school and thus had to try again the next year but then got into Shiketsu instead.

And yes, Fukasu has very often lost her hat. She always tries to keep her clothes with her in a little whirlwind of smoke but a strong enough gust can blow some or all of her clothes away. Luckily she is very good at finding things again!


Question: Was Toge born with her Quirk? And, do your OCs have any funny stories about having theirs manifesting for the first time?

Nope! She manifested her Quirk at the age of 5, before that she had normal hair and teeth.

Toge’s is actually a funny story. She manifested her Quirk during late evening. She was just lying in bed and wanted to roll over to sleep on the side but then her pillow was gone. It was stuck in the spikes on her head and it took her a good 5 minutes of searching her bed to notice the weight of the pillow on her head. She then ran to her fathers to show them “those cool spikes that just grew outta her head” with the pillow still stuck there.

Another funny story is Fukasu who manifested her Quirk on a rather breezy summer day. When her Quirk manifested and her body turned into smoke she was blown straight out of the open window with the next strong gust. Her mother searched for her and found her as a very distressed cloud of smoke hovering ~25m above the ground.

Hoyo’s Quirk manifested practically right after birth, almost giving both her parents a heart attack. Imagine a very curious baby with grabby hands that can freely move in a 2m radius. She was a nightmare to take care of.

  • Playing: Pokémon Moon
I got every Pokedex entry now! Thank you all so much for your help!!!

I want to fill my Alola Pokedex (want the shiny charm) but I apparently need some version exclusive legendaries/UBs which I think I can't get over the GTS

I don't want them permanently I just need the dex entry so if you're willing to trade I'll give 'em right back to you!
Please comment if you can give me one or more of those Pokemon! Thank you in advance!!
  • Playing: Pokémon Moon
By Natx-chan 
<da:thumb id="638989582"/>

By Lu-tan 
4000+ Watchers Raffle - CLOSEDWINNERS ANNOUNCED ON 11/6/16
Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I appreciate all the favorites and comments!! 
ANYWAYS, I didnt hold a raffle for when i reached 3000 watchers, so im sooo excited to be holding one again
i love all of you so muchh ♥
I will be using to pick a number

RULES Make a journal or poll to advertise this raffle. Please link below for numberYou have to be watching me! Its okay if you're a new watcher.Tag 3 friends for an extra number ♥

1st Place
1000 :points:
Style 3 Pixel Doll + Blink Animation

By amiette 
500+ watchers raffle [closed] winners announcedthanks to everyone who entered!
the winners have been chosen
1st prize (halfbody)

2nd price(bust):

winners please send me a note with what you would like.
ah and since i'm p busy this week with sudden college stuff and possibly next week as well
i won't be starting on the prizes till the 11th at least
but i'll definitely get to them so dw
<s>i've been planning to do something like this for a while now//
and this is the perfect time to do this since im a bit more free
and i figured i should do it before exams start in november;;
thank you so much for the support
this is the only way i know how to show my appreciation for u guys lol
PRIZES (there will be two winners):
1. halfbody painting in this style

2. bust (sketch coloured)

Lots of prizes to win so you better go check 'em out!"
Do any of you guys know how I'd go about reporting someone on twitter for reposting my art?
Someone reposted one of my comics from tumblr and I want to know in case they refuse to take it down
I made some BnHA OCs just recently and I need help naming them

BnHA OC female by Saccharinerose
girl here has no name yet and her quirks needs a name too. She has floating hands and eyeballs which are seperate from her main body. She has no arms and hides her face under a blindfold bc what is underneath may unsettle people

BnHA OC male by Saccharinerose
Dude here has a draft name I guess? I call him Shiragiku Maeda rn but I am unsure about the name... His quirk is called Flowerpot and he can grow flowers on his body that release a neurotoxic pollen.

I'd appreciate any help! :>
  • Playing: Pokemon HG (soft reseting for a shiny starter)
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
Tag 8 people you want to know better! lmao no

Tagged By :iconekkodahl: thank you *winkface*


Amelie but I prefer to be called Amam, Melchen or Ame (any of those 3 is ok)

Star sign:

Average hours of sleep:
Not fucking enough (but then again I'm always tired so maybe I do get enough???)
I'd guess around 5-6 hours maybe?

Lucky Number:
Uhhh I don't know??? 11 mabye???

Last thing I googled:

'Mario is missing' bc I wanted to find out if it was that weird Mario game that we had for the PC ages ago but I didn't recognize it so it probably wasn't...

Favorite fictional character:
Peridot, Pearl (SU), Envy (FMA) Acnologia, Jackal, Zancrow (Fairy Tail), Illumi, Kurapika (HxH), Speed of Sound Sonic, Genos, Boros (OPM), Alphys, Muffet (Undertale), Ruto, Midna, Fi, Vaati (LoZ), Paul (Pokemon)...
wait... can I only choose one? :bademoticon: 

What are you wearing now?:
Comfortable clothes

When did you start this account?:
February 14 in 2012

Amount of watchers: 
797 at the moment (°v°)9

What do you post?:
Pokemon fanart, fandom-related OCs and sometimes original OCs. But mostly fandom-related OCs (and very rarely also non-Pokémon fanart)

Do you run any more blogs?:
I have a personal blog on tumblr:
and a Pokemon blog:
and a twitter account @KleinesMelchen

Do you get a lot of comments?:

uhh decently I guess? I'm happy about every single one! (unless it's spam, self-advertising or plain rude)
I'd love to get more of course lol (although I have a hard time replying quickly haha)

Why did you choose this username?:
I wanted to change it from shadylizard which I didn't like anymore
I used the personality tropes -dere ending bc I like it and I thought 'hey why not use a part of my name lol' but "Amedere" would have been stupid bc without the
-dere ending Ame means rain so I changed it to "Ama" because it's part of my nickname 'Amam' and it also means 'sweet' (apparently)

I tag:
no one (bc I already tagged some people a few days ago and anxiety) but if u wanna do it then feel free to o3o
  • Playing: Pokemon HG (soft reseting for a shiny starter)
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
Tagged by tigerok
What'd I do to deserve the honour?

1.When did you start to seriously draw?
Oh boy... I have no idea. I've drawn basically since I remember. I don't know when I started to draw 'seriously' but I started uploading to dA in early 2012. I didn't make an account on this site earlier because... lil' old me thought having a dA account cost money.

2.Do you have OCs? Who was your first OC? Do you still have them?
Do I have OCs? ahahaHAHAHAHA I have too many and I neglect most of them //I am a horrible parent *sobs*
In case you are curious I have 24 fandom related, original characters (D.gray-man: 7 OCs, Fairy Tail: 12 (!!) OCs, PokeAni: 3 OCs + 2 Fanchildren) and a shit ton of character for my own stories (most of which are unnamed. The only exception is "Shadow Prowler" which is the original story I've developed the longest).
As for my first OCs ever... You really, really, really do not want to know about my first 'OCs' because they were horrible abominations that I do not wish to be reminded of. In other words, I don't have them anymore haha.

3.Is creating artwork your job or is it a hobby? If it's just a hobby, do you have a job (or going to school)? How hard is it to create while working?
It's just a hobby for me currently! I don't know if I'd draw as 'work' but who knows...
I am studying English language and linguistic at university right now. It's not that hard for me to draw while attending uni but when I am starting uni again after holidays it takes me a while to get back into it.

4.Have you met anyone in RL from DeviantArt yet?
Nope! Not yet, I'd love to tho! But they live so far away mostly ;n;

5.How often do you come across art theft?
My own art? Barely. I've had my (fan)art reposted here and there but so far I've only had my art recoloured once (and that was a troll blog on tumblr). Other than that I know of none :T

6.Do you have any pets?
Yep! One dog currently but our family will get a Dachshund pup soon :>

7.What do you like to draw the most? (Animals, people, vehicle, etc etc - Get in detail too! Actiony? Fantasy? Romance? Etc etc)

Hmmmm I like to draw people and Pokémon. Lots of Pokémon.
I experiment sometimes with styles and colours but I am still struggling to step out of my comfort zone a lil' more. I hope to improve a lot more in the future (^o^)9

8.Back to OCs, is your favourite OC(s) shipped with anyone else's? If so, who's the lovely couple(s)?

Well my absolute fav OC that is shipped with someone is Rosika but she's shipped with a canon character so she doesn't count u3u
Other than that I have Ritsu/Nineveh and Hikari/Yusei, both are FT OC ships with my dear friend SirPsiodyne (both of which ships I have neglected in the last weeks (forgive meee)

9.What's your oldest image (or writing) on your DA account? Show us!
Why do you do this to meeeee??? This is so embarrassing
Sketch 2 by Saccharinerose
That was some bird race-thingy for an old ass story of mine (that I deleted by now lol) Gosh does this look crappy! It's a little more than 4 years old and I have just been hit by a wave of nostalgia... gosh... I was so proud of this back then

10.Now show us your newest image (Or writing!) Are you happy with how far you've come?
Welp, it's this pic of my OC Nilam that I've drawn.
[DGM OC] Oh gee it sure is a windy day by Saccharinerose
I'm definitely proud of how far I've come!

Who to tag???
Hmmm maybe
Only if you want to of course :V
So in my last poll I asked if I should make a group for Pokemon Anime OCs and since I got mostly positive response, I did it!
This is it:

I'm fairly new to managing a group so if you have tips or want to help me in any way feel free to comment :D

BTW If you have/manage a Pokémon related group, I wouldn't mind being affiliates :D
I downloaded Miitomo just recently
Add me on Twitter @KleinesMelchen to be my friend on Miitomo! And send me your name on Twitter so I can add you too! C:

This is my QR-Code btw
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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 6 facts about your OTP.
3. Tag 6 other OTPs.
4. Post the OTP name along with their creators' avatars.

Hooo boy I had fun with this B)

1) Rosika enjoys giving Paul kisses on the cheek and Paul likes to kiss Rosie on the forehead which gets progressively harder because Rosie is and stays taller than him and also starts wearing heels as an adult.
2) Their favourite activity together is watching Pokémon tournaments on TV and criticizing bad choices of the contestants. They also enjoy reading together.
3) None of them really like 'common couple' nicknames (like honey, darling etc). Paul usually calls her Rosie and Rosika just goes with Paul.
4) Paul doesn't get jealous when other boys show interest in Rosie, Rosika does not get jealous when girls show interest in Paul either, but he does feel a slight satisfaction when Filipo (Rosika's Hydreigon) snarls at them and they leave. 
5) When they cuddle while sleeping Rosie often buries her face between Paul's shoulder blades.
6) They will have 2 children in the future. Hanna and Gabriel.

And I tag no one but if you wanna do this feel free to ;P
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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatar

[DGM OC]: Lakshmana Reference Sheet by Saccharinerose

8 facts about Lakshmana:
1. He calls his Golem a variety of names, some of them being Bat, Flappy, Flutter and Batty. He just can't seem to decide on one. Sometimes he only uses a name once and never again.
2. His name 'Lakshmana' is Hindi and means 'having lucky marks'
3. Coincidentally he was given the nickname 'Lucky' by Lavi who misheard his other nickname 'Lak' as 'luck'
4. When his tinted glasses are destroyed in battle, he will adjust his ear protections to let him hear almost 'normally', close his eyes and continue fighting solely relying on his sense of hearing.
5. On the topic of his sense of hearing, he always hears it when his conversation partner is muttering something under their breath. Always.
6. Lak almost always wears his ear protection. He will only take it off for sleeping and washing himself. He will also take it off when talking to very close friends.
7. Lak has a very quiet sleep. He doesn't snore, he doesn't sleep talk or mumble. He barely moves while sleeping aside from turning his head from one side to another
8. He is not the person to give nicknames to people. He usually just calls them by their names or, if a person tells him to use a certain nickname, he'll use that name.

I'm not tagging anyone
But if ya wanna do it then feel free to~